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Mountaineer Buildings has a variety of modular buildings and garages.

Add a portable structure to your property that is as big as a house! Mountaineer Buildings has designed a one-piece structure that is separated for delivery, then reattached upon arrival. Skip the stress and debris that comes from traditional building onsite.

Whether you are looking for a ready-built cottage or a garage, our modular buildings are a great customizable solution. Stop by any of Toler Brothers Buildings convenient locations for more information. Our staff will be glad to help.

Modular Cottage

Mountaineer Buildings Modular Cottages are fully customizable and are available in sizes up to 28 x 40. These portable structures are built in one piece, separated for delivery, then reattached when they reach your location. The Modular Cottage does not require a center support wall, allowing for wide open space or custom designed partitions.

Standard features include:

  • two solid metal entry doors,
  • four 2×3 vinyl double pane windows,
  • 7’9″ wall height, and
  • ridge ventilation.

Standard Sizes Available for the Modular Cottages

Modular Cottage can be built in a variety of sizes starting at 24' and going to 40'

Modular Garages

Your vehicles are expensive. Add years to their life by protecting them from the elements with a Modular Garage. Are you looking for a two-car garage, but don’t have the time and patience to build on site?  Mountaineer Buildings’ Modular Garage is the solution.  Choose from a size from 24×24 to 28×40 and still have a structure that is considered portable!

Standard features include:

  • one solid metal entry door,
  • two 2×3 windows
  • 7’9″ wall height, and
  • an extra heavy duty floor guaranteed to hold the weight of a full-size truck.

Standard Sizes For Modular Garages

Modular garages can be custom ordered to accommodate even the largest vehicles

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