A basic Utility Shed from Mountaineer Buildings provides a simple storage solution with plenty of headroom. With its A-frame rood design,  this shed has a standard wall height if 7’3″! Or you can upgrade to even taller walls up to 7’8″.

Of course, these sheds are fully customizable to meet your specifications.

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Basic Utility Sheds

Mountaineer Building Utility Sheds provide an economical storage solution with the same quality construction of our more expensive buildings. While these buildings are not fitted with a loft, you can add one with our three-tier shelf or workbench.

All utilities come with 6’ double doors except for the 8’ wide which have a single 4’ door. Like all our buildings, the floor is built from all pressure treated lumber, with genuine plywood flooring that is designed to stand up to the harshness of moisture, termites, and daily use.

Standard Sizes Available For Utility Sheds

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