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Standard Features on All our Buildings

  • All exposed lumber treated against rot, decay, and termite damage.
  • Exposed nails are ring shank and galvanized for maximum strength and no rust spots or stains.
  • Series of air vents positioned to create optimum circulation and temperature control.
  • 4×6 runners notched to interlock with each floor joist and pressure treated against rot, decay, and termite damage. Four runners on all buildings 10’ wide and wider.
  • 12” on center floor joists on all garages and optional extra heavy duty floors; 16” on center floor joists on all other buildings.
  • All floors sheeted with 5/8” marine grade pressure-treated plywood.
  • 24’’ on center roof rafters.
  • Wall studs spaced according to siding manufacture’s specs. (Painted, Urethane, and Vinyl siding: 16” on center, Treated and Metal siding: 24” on center)
  • Reflective foil insulation installed under metal roofs for a vapor barrier and to keep buildings cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • 2×4 roof purlins which allow us to screw metal down with 1 ½’’ roof screws. Note: Most competitors use 1” roof screws into ½” OSB sheeting, which has the potential of stripping out and exposing screw tips on inside of the building!
  • Your choice of architectural style shingles or metal roof at no additional charge.
  • All treated T-111 buildings sealed with Olympic Maximum brand wood sealer.
  • Metal tread plates at all door openings to protect the entrance.
  • All doors are secure and lockable for your protection.
  • All buildings backed by a 5 YEAR, non-prorated, limited workmanship warranty.

Customization Options

Outfit your building to suit your needs and preferences with these great customization options from Mountaineer Buildings. Have any questions? Stop by one of Toler Brothers Buildings locations and our sales staff will be happy to help!

  • Working Loft Door (treated, painted, & urethane only)
  • 4’x4′ or 6’x4′ Heavy duty ramp
  • 9’x4′ Heavy Duty Ramp
  • 2’x3′ Window
  • 3’x3′ Window
  • 24”x36” Window
  • 36”x40” Insulated Window
  • Shutters
  • Extra Height Walls
  • Loft Ladder
  • Shelf 16″ deep (3 tier) per running foot
  • Work Bench (2 deep) per running foot
  • Ridge Vent (Metal Roof Only)
    Ridge 4″ Section (Shingle Roof Only)
  • Wood Railings per section (up to 6′)
  • Vinyl Railings per section (up to 6′)
  • R13 Insulated Floor with House Wrap
  • Insulated Floor – Reflective foil
  • R13 Insulated Walls & Ceiling
  • Interior Wall Framing
  • Heavy Duty Guaranteed Floor
  • Double Layer 5/8″ plywood on floor
  • Skirtboards (4’x18′ T1-11 with sealer)
  • 30″ Shed Anchor
  • 16″ OC Roof Trusses
  • 16″ O.C. Wall Studs
  • 16″ O.C. Roof Trusses


  • Skylight Ridge
  • Wainscot (Metal Building)
  • Log Siding Upgrade
  • 10″ Galbe Overhand x 2 on modulars
  • Electrical Package
  • Additional Light or Receptacle
  • Additional Outdoor Light or Receptacle
  • 100 AMP Breaker Box

Door Options

  • 36″ Metal Entry Door
  • 36″ Metal Entry Door with Window
  • 36″ or 46″ Wooden Door
  • 72″ Double Wooden Doors
  • 36″ Slab Door (as in vinyl building)
  • 72″ Double Wooden Door
  • 6’7″, 8’x7′, or 9’x7′ Garage Door
  • 10’x7′ Garage Door
    Only available in 14′ or 16′ wide building
  • Upgrade to Insulated Garage Door
  • Garage Door Opener

Metal and Paint Color Options

Make your building match other structures, or make it stand out with a custom-designed color scheme. Mountaineer Buildings has a variety of metal and paint color options. Not sure what colors to choose?  Stop by one of Toler Brothers Buildings locations and we will be happy to help!

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